Skincare Treatments

Clear & Calm Acne Treatment


If the confusion around what causes acne and how to treat it has you frustrated or discouraged, this is the treatment for you.

This service begins with a complete acne consultation. We'll discuss what type and what grade of acne you're dealing with, what's causing it, and how to care for it.  Unlike popular opinion, scrubbing and burning is not an effective way to treat acne. 

Your treatment will be customized based on your skin type, acne activity, and skin sensitivity. 

My goal in this treatment is that you will leave feeling encouraged, confident, and looking more clear.

*Face Reality Acne Specialist Certified.

*A customized skincare regimen will be recommended and is strongly encouraged to support results achieved with each treatment. 

*You will notice an improvement in skin health and texture in just one treatment, but generally, a series of treatments is recommended.

Signature Facial Treatment $125-$150


This is my favorite treatment, of course! Completely customized for you, from start to finish. 
This treatment is crafted with signature techniques, advanced modalities and customized product blends to deliver a truly unique and tailored experience. 
Signature facial

Peel of Choice


A peel is an advanced skin treatment, typically done in a series, to exfoliate, brighten, and refine your complexion. 
Your skin type, sensitivity, and desired outcome will determine which peel is most appropriate for you and will be chosen during consultation.
This treatment is used to correct signs of premature aging, fine lines, photo-damage, hyper-pigmentation, acne, and dull or rough complexions.
*Eligibility is determined during consultation and a peel is not always recommended on your first visit.
*Treatment includes your post-peel homecare kit which is vital to caring for your skin in the days following your treatment.
sculptural face lift massage

Sculptural Face Lift Massage


Also known as buccal massage, this advanced European technique is used to restore facial posture by relaxing hypertonic muscles and toning muscles that are lax or over-stretched. 
This therapeutic massage improves the flow of lymphatic fluid, smooths facial fascia, and relaxes mimic muscles.
A portion of this facial massage is done intra-orally to target deep muscle tissue of the face and jaw.  When performed in a series, facial muscles are re-educated and skin rejuvenation is achieved as a result of improved circulation of blood and lymph, and release of stagnation in the facial fascia.
This treatment can be a natural alternative to neurotoxins which are used to relax facial muscles.  
Benefits will be experienced in one treatment.  A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results, and the number of treatments will vary per person and is also dependent on lifestyle and skincare habits.

LED Therapy


LED light therapy is used to target the photoreceptors in skin cells which stimulate ATP (cellular energy).  Increased energy fuels cell metabolism, regeneration, and collagen synthesis.
The Celluma LED offers 3 programs: blue light therapy to treat acne, red light therapy to treat photo-aging and fine lines, and near-infrared light therapy for pain management, decreased inflammation, and to accelerate wound healing.
When it comes to LED therapy, wavelength, intensity, and time, matter. Celluma LED was developed from NASA research and is FDA cleared to treat skin, joint, and muscle conditions.
*Benefits will be experienced after one session, but optimal results are achieved after a series of treatments. 

The Best of Both Worlds
Facial & Therapeutic Massage


Have it all with this ultimate, back-to-back self-care treatment.

A classic facial, followed by a 60min Therapeutic Massage.

Book this if your body, skin, and mind need renewal. You'll leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and glowing.

Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Medical Massage


Medical massage therapy is outcome-based therapeutic massage with a focus on the client's diagnosis or area of complaint.
A combination of advanced techniques and modalities are applied to address specific chronic and/or acute conditions.  The focus of the treatment is to provide pain relief, improve function, increase range of motion, aid in healing from injury or surgery.
Techniques often include but are not limited to, myofascial release, trigger point release, and neuromuscular therapy. 
*100% organic coconut or grapeseed oil and your choice of essential oil aromatherapy.

Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage incorporates a variety of pressure and techniques to relieve pain and tension from soft tissues, improve circulation of blood and lymph, release trigger points, increase range of motion and promote relaxation of the neuromuscular system.
Sport professional massage on a muscle group (erector spinae muscles) of a womans back