Excelsior: ex·cel·si·or |  ik-ˈsel-sē-ər

higher; always upward.

Excelsior Skin & Body was created to synergize the fields of aesthetics, nutrition, and therapeutic body work into a holistic approach towards total body rejuvenation.

Kristy is a dually licensed aesthetician and massage therapist, as well as a nationally certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach.

While studying skin therapy at the Dermalogica Academy in NYC, Kristy worked with clients as a personal trainer and nutrition coach and realized that skincare, fitness, and nutrition were inextricably related.  

After several years of working in the field, she found that the art and science of massage therapy applied to her work in skincare and fitness alike.  Kristy believes that there is a dynamic relationship between looking and feeling your best and the most effective results are achieved holistically.  

To expand her integrated approach and enhance her services, Kristy went on to study massage therapy at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, where she became certified in medical massage as well.

“My intention each day is to leave people feeling and looking better than they did when they came.”